University College London (UCL) Suffered a Major Ransomware Attack

The University College London was hit by a major Ransomware attack on June 15 2017. The Ransomware infected personal and shared drives in the network and the UCL's information Security Team is working with the affected users to identify the exact source of the infection.
According to press release of the University, this could be a zero-day attack as the virus did not show any suspicious activity.

"We are continuing to investigate the infection that is affecting UCL users. Our current hypothesis is that the malware infection occurred through users visiting a website that has been compromised rather than being spread via email attachments. However this remains unconfirmed at the moment."

The security team later confirmed that the attack was not via email but by visiting infected website.
"We have continued to analyse the infection across the UCL filestore and the method of infection this is still ongoing. We have not seen any more users affected by the malware. We no longer think the infection came from an infected email but from users accessing a compromised website. Please be vigilant if you notice an unexpected popup or other unusual behaviour when you access a website close the browser and report it to Service Desk."

At the time of writing, the Security team were still restoring the infected drives.
Source: [UCL ISD News]


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