Exlusive Interview Of THA Disaster

Maurihackers: You are among the most popular hacker nowadays,tell Us about You?
THA Disaster: As you know,I am the owner of TheHackersArmy Which is being Popular in these days.

 Maurihackers: Why do you hack,any specific reason?
 THA Disaster: We hack for cause not for fun.

 Maurihackers: What are your best hack until now?
 THA Disaster: We hack Indian High profile sites for Kashmir freedom,Israel sites for freedom of Palestine ,UK And US for Stop attacking in Muslim Countries and Stop Attacking Pakistan,Serbia for Freedom of Kosova and AlbaniaCIA,Indian Communication Satellite,Google Media,Indyaa,World Finance USA,BlogSpot India,Gandhi's site,Indian Congress Site and Eset Antivirus these are my fvt out of total 1189 Special Attack

 Maurihackers: From where did u learn hacking,i mean,any courses uve followed?
 THA Disaster:  I Learnt Hacking From my Father

 Maurihackers: Any website or forum of yours/your team?
 THA Disaster: Yes I Do, which is "TheHackersArmy". http://www.thehackersarmy.org/ (which i temporary closed for security problem)

 Maurihackers: Your favorite hacker?
 THA Disaster: Tiger M@te, Who is used to be my best friend too.

 Maurihackers: Your goal when hacking?
 THA Disaster: Just Getting full access to site

  Maurihackers: Do you think the internet a safe place?
 THA Disaster: Nope i don't think that internet is safe these days
Maurihackers: Last word of yours to all the readers of MHS?
 THA Disaster: Hack for Cause and Help those people who are indeed Not hacking to show that your the Best Hacker in the world.use your talent in good ways

 Maurihackers: Thank you for spending your precious time in answering to our question.

Well guys,this is a little interview of THA Disaster..Quite weird but it was fun making this brief interview through Facebook messaging ( lol ) ..


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