Hacking and Security to Collide at DefCamp 2011

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iasi, Romania, will host the first regional edition of the hacking and INFOSEC conference called DefCamp on December 17, where underground, academic and enterprise security specialists will share their insight on some of the hot topics that currently affect both individuals and companies.

 The participants will share their technical knowledge concerning the securities and insecurities present in real life, but also in the online environments.

The first edition of the Romanian conference dedicated to IT security took place at the end of September at Bran, Brasov, a location famous for Dracula’s castle, and since the event was a total success, the organizers plan on making sure DefCamp will be held each year.

In Iasi, independent security researchers, students from the Faculty of Computer Science of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, web security specialists, and representatives of the world renowned security solutions provider Bitdefender will be present.

DefCamp founder, Andrei Avadanei, will share some interesting concepts related to virtual anonymity while Bogdan Alecu, an independent security researcher, will talk about mobile security, more precisely SMS attacks.

Bitdefender’s Bogdan Botezatu will detail the company’s findings on the latest zero-day vulnerabilities found in some of the popular software used by many of us in our everyday tasks.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a provider of information technology, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing, will also have a couple of representatives that will enlighten the participants on the topic of high security webservers.

Sandline’s CEO, Radu Stanescu, will also participate, giving a speech called “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

Since I will surely take part in the event, during the weekend and the course of next week, I’ll write some pieces in which I’ll detail all the interesting information provided by the speakers. Stay tuned!


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