Anonymous to Australian Government: Adopt Bill of Human Rights, Immediately

The Australian government is the latest to be threatened by the infamous hacktivist collective Anonymous, the group demanding that Australian authorities adopt a bill of rights to protect their citizens.

 A video release explains the main reasons why such a bill is necessary, even quoting what Amnesty International has to say about the fact that Australia is the “only liberal democracy in the world without overarching human rights protection.”

“Moves have been made towards the adoption of a Bill of Rights for Australia, predictably however our Government that is stalling,” Anonymous says.

“The Australian government said it would respond to the [National Human Rights Consultation Committee] report by the end of 2009. That was 2 years ago.”

Since the campaign they started against GoDaddy turned out to be so successful, tens of thousands of domains being moved to other companies even after they backed out of their support for SOPA, the hackers hope that similar campaigns will have the same success rate.

“We have not forgotten the last federal election when we, the Australian voters decided that we didn’t much like either party and so we voted for neither, resulting in a hung parliament. That should have been a loud warning to you. Give us, the Australian people the rights that are so long overdue to us. We do not ask, we demand,” they say.

In related news, Anonymous, TeaMp0isoN and other hacktivist groups recently announced their plans to raise awareness on the injustices that take place in Palestine, launching Operation Free Palestine.

A number of four Columbia websites were already defaced by members of TeaMp0isoN who accuse the South American country of “fueling” Israel with the money they need to run their operations against the Palestinian people.

Source: Softpedia


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