Pakistani Websites Hacked By Silent Hacker of India

Indian Hacker Silent Hacker is back again. This time he defaced some pakistani websites.
Message Posted on these Pakistani Websites:
" Porkies u Have B33n ScreweD
( | ~ Some Porkies Lamers keep on defacing innocent sites ~ | )
( Where Is Your Security i Cant See it ? )
( POrkiEs Want KashMiR hahaha lolZ first build some good monuments in ur country first :P )
( Then beg for the other country for free space to spread your slum area's .
W3 ar3 :- Yash , CoDe-INject0r , Cod3d 32 , Nyro Hacker , ShortY 420 , Chacky , Hacker me_29 , Th3 d3fac3r ,

Team NUts , Team Open Fire..... ! )
( HAHAHA!! : PorkiesTaN LaMerS )

Along with these, Silent Hacker teamed up with another hacker known as DarKsPiriT NegaTivE to deface some more websites:
Simplified Communication of BangladeshWebsite
Other Websites:


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