50+ Pakistani Websites Hacked By Silent Hacker

Silent Hacker from India hits again on Pakistani websites.This time more that 50 websites were defaced by him and same message were posted on each websites.Silent Hacker included logos of  INDISHELL on the websites.

Message Posted On Websites:
"Huh? Porkies
.:: U have been HaCked and fuCked by SileNt HaXor.
" well... Some Kids Of PorkiestaN Defaced innocents websites !!!
So what you ThinkYou r only the hackers ;)
Huh? you want kashmir huh?? kiss my assPorkies u all r livingIn dreams
You want Kashmir :PFirst build some in Pottistan then
then try to getkashmir I know u can only try :P
that you are such a lame and lazy person having good marks and dont have good brain
Hackers are true lovers of Technology ,They are the HERO of NEW generation
Warm HugS to :
Yash bhaiya ,Jaguar Hacker Ash3ll,SHortY.420Hack3r_m329, Captain Zap
DarkSpirit Negative, Mayank ,Indraj33t ,C0d3 InjecTorGodzilla
Mayur Coded 32,Ritu Thunder bolt
|Xception CodeXtreme Killar|
Linux RooTNyro Hacker and alll other Team indishell members| |
love to :-Yash bhaiya.. , Jaguar Hacker ,SHorty420.. and HacK3r_m329
contect me at:- SileNtHacKerownsUofficial@indeshell.in
List of All Websites Hacked & Mirrors:


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