Member Of Pak Cyber Pyrates Hacked 75+ Indian Websites

Member of Pak Cyber Pyrates known as XXx_Death_xXX_Hitcher hacked more than 75 Indian Websites.Below is the list of all websites hacked and mirrors.Some of them has already been restored.

Message Posted On Defaced Websites:
 Hacked By XXx_Death_xXX - Hitcher
XXx_Death_xXX _ Hitcher Was Here !!
Hi Gays !! How is your Gay Hind ??
yeah i know your Gay Hind is Fine..
How do you like my Abusing on your nation..
It rocks ?? .. CoOl
It Hurts ??? :O ... So why the hell you gays abuse our Relligion.. ??
Backoff Lamers from our cyber space..
Everybody Knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable
You will hack 1 we will hack thousands..
Bloody Lamers..
List Of All Websites Defaced With Mirrors:


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