Several Websites Hacked By Sen HaXoR

" ====== H4ck3d by Sen HaXoR ======
>>>>PoRkieS YouR PaPA Got Y0uR AsS NAileD BitchZ _|_ <<<<<<<<
Porkies u r the biggest loosers i eva saw in ma life.
You BitchZ??u want cyber war?
Indians Fucking up Your Cyber Space Like Fucking Up a Low PAid Slut !
LOL Your Asses are Secure ??? ahahha
Stop hacking Chota Sites and SEcure your Ass First..
nxt time come prepared if u wana fight with us..
Dont Get Your Fucking Ass on Indian Cyber Space Again Or Your PEnis Will Be PAwn3D ...
GREETZ:CyberAce Legion <3 and All Indian Hackers
Long Live India !

Will Keep On Fucking You PiGs ... _ "


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