Team Grey Hat Exposed???

We received an anonymous mail today in which the sender asked us to publish it for the sake of all hackers.Well,quite curious about what this was,we just click on the link(provided below),and here's the message:
Title : Team Grey Hat Exposed
What was In?
Lamers[TGH] Exposed !! sO called Lamers group is now Exposed !.. now i will show you the reality behind the so called Hackers Team Grey (gay:P) Hat . So what exactly is this team ? nothing but just an IIS Exploit team :P haha yeah !.. this team is all about IIS Exploit & Story makers :D (good3y :P) .
so first let me tell you that how united they were fucked :D . i mean Hacked . Their Forum was hacked by Hunt008 team member of TGH . hahaha avik sarkar posted a news saying how hunt fooled them :P but my dear avik hacking is hacking you were social engineered by him ..its also a part of hacking buddy ! .
Wo0o0o0O0O0opss....Just read whats written in the image by avik sarkar - " One of the Most popular Hacker Group " hahahaha avik bro are you sure about this?? fuck yeah ! "TGH is Regarded as one of the most dangerous Black Hat Team if we dig in History " No need to dig deep in the History Avik !! Dont Froget Its a New Team Brother ! .. Just watch the present :D How your Forum was Fucked easily without any Hardwork' & How your Good3y Exploit was Exposed :D :* !

So now i would likle to talk about the good3y Exploit which Hacked HCF :D haha . Formed a new team ? Not getting Traffic ? Not much Popular ? yeah then got an !dea !! to fool us ? made a Fake Exploit & spreaded it among the people ? hah atlast you were cought lamers :P A fucking Fake Exploit caught by a member of HCF :P .
Yeah so now i would speak about The TGH Lamers2 that is Skywalker :* . Hhahaha he himself claims to be a Dangerous hacker :p haha but its not like that . He is just a No0b Hacker who knows "IIS EXPLOIT" . I will show you some Picz showing the Hacks done By The No0B master Skywalker !.
Team Grey Hat is just about popularity .. Hhahah see this too :p they hacked "one" site with IIS Eploit :P & they want this to be posted as news in many sites .
O0o0o0o00opss....It seems Skywalker doesn't know how to Upload his Deface in a Hacked Site :p Dont worry my dear Skywalker I wil teach you .. Just Contact me - Yourteam@Exposed :D Hey By the way how you Hacked that site :/ ... ummm let me tell all that this fucking site is hacked by a fucking perason with a fucking upload vulnerability :D ... good it reflects your Hacking Skills :) :P See teh Image Guys!
Avik Buddy Very strange You hack websites & post it in your own website :P ( Apni Tarif Khud hi ?? ) hahah lolx .. See TGH the so called Dangerous Hacker group :P Hacked 200+ China Sites :o .. Dear Avik even a small kid can hack 1000+ china sites by that Fucking IIS Exploit :D !! .
YEah Avik sarkar when your Good3y Exploit was caught then everyone was blaming you :p Then you said to some HCF Members & Other person that you dont belong to TGH ..according to you VOGH has no relation with TGH .... haha so wtf is this image saying :/ ... Izzat bachane ke liye kitna jhute bolega re :P
There is much to Expose but i dont have much time so i would just expose some of the members of TGH :D
Rj Raja HaXor:- Well i dont think you know him :p he is a member of TGH With lots of hacking Skills :D i will show you wait just see the Pic Below .. Even Google says about his Hacking !!! hahah ..
Abdullah Khwaja:- He is again a lamer of TGH who loves to Hack sites to IIS Exploit & Making Cyber army :D yeah !! haha ye is also the Founder of Kashmir Cyber Army :P haha No0b first learn Hacking Then Make your Fucking Hacking Cyber Groups :p here are some Beautiful Hacks by him ..
P4k-Commander:- He claims to be Commander of Pakistan hahahahhahaha Fucker Lamer you are one of the big no0b i have seen haha you too a IIS Cyber Army member :p OMG !! you hacked this many sites :p haha but with IIS :P 7 you wany people to find you hehe ....guys see this pic you will come to know..that how lame he & TGH is :P
OK mY Time is Up !! :D Jai Hind !
Link to the page:

P.S : We are here just to publish important news related to IT Security, Hacking, News and we are not responsible for what is written in this article. We have consulted many other people before putting down this on the blog and we received positive respond to go along with the publishing because it was an issue which concern hackers society, security administrators, etc ... So,no member of Maurihackers shall be blamed for what's there in this article..


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