Anonymous Hacks Romanian Child Protection Agency Naming It Corrupt

Anonymous hackers, as part of operation AntiSec, breached and defaced the website of Romanian Social Services and Child protection Agency (DGASPCGR), located in Giurgiu county, calling it a corrupt organization and threatening to shut it down completely in the next days.
 “Dear Romanian Government. Once again you failed us by not being able to help childrens with your fake organization, an organization that is using people money for support…but we wonder where all that money goes?!” the hackers wrote on the defaced webpage.

“Therefore, as this fake organization has become useless, we decided that it’s website can no longer be a part of the internet, so expect a shutdown in the next 2 days (sic).”

This is not the first time when the institution’s website is defaced. Back in October 2011, hackers proved that they had complete control over it.

At the time, they posted a similar message addressed to the Romanian Police, appointing the law enforcement organization as being corrupt.

One month later, since the website’s administrators failed to secure it, they posted the picture of a student, along with alleged evidence to prove that he deals illegal drugs in education institutions.

Hackers operating under the Anonymous name have been very busy lately in Romania. After street protests against the political class started, they released a video statement to reveal their full support for the movements that take place.

Since the beginning of 2012, a lot of government websites worldwide proved themselves to be highly vulnerable, giving hacktivists the opportunity to breach them with the purpose of making their messages heard.

Many security experts named 2011 the year of the hacktivist, but judging by the first weeks of 2012, the upcoming months will be marked even more by hacking operations, especially ones that target state institutions and major organizations.

Source: Softpedia


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