UFC Site Hacked After Dana White Threatens Anonymous

After Dana White, the president of the Zuffa’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), threatened Anonymous calling them cowards, the hacktivist collective responded by breaching the UFC’s official website and defacing it as part of OpUFC.

 The whole thing started after White publicly revealed support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Right after that, on January 24, the UFC’s official website was hacked and altered to redirect visitors to an anti-SOPA site.

According to USA Today, UCF reported that no important data was obtained by the hackers, but Zuffa’s president came forward with a statement.

“Keep hacking our site. Do it again. Do it tonight,” he told reporters in Chicago. “You know what's happening is? These guys look like terrorists now, and a bill that was about to die is about to come back.”

Anonymous confronted him on Twitter and his “harsh-toned” comments weren’t to the liking of the hackers.

“@YourAnonNews and yes cowards hide on the Internet! At least I'm man enough to say all my [expletive] in public and not hide behind a screen name!!” White wrote in a tweet.

The hackers didn’t wait much before they started digging up for his private information and started dox-ing him, leaking his social security number and every other piece of information they could find on him.

This morning, S3rver.exe, the hacker who not long ago breached Sony Pictures and who’s currently helping out Anonymous hackers, along with others, breached UFC.com and UFC.tv, defacing some of their webpages.

We’ve contacted the hacker on the AnonOps IRC server, the one used by hacktivists, and he provided some details.

“I hacked those 2 sites this morning. One of them has 60+ vulnerabilities and ufc.tv has XSS, BlindSQL Injection and other vulnerabilities,” the hacker said.

When asked about the reasons for hacking UFC, S3rver.exe said that the operation took place after Zuffa’s president called them terrorists and unlike the first attack, this time he claims that they also managed to obtain data from their servers.

We have contacted UFC to find out their side of the story, so stay tuned to learn more.

In the meantime, here's a video made by the hackers to prove they breached UFC:


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