Anonymous Official Channels Say Anonyupload Is Fake

Since Megaupload was shut down, Anonymous hackers and their supporters began launching all sorts of attacks and protests against the US government and authorities. In the past few days, rumors started circulating about a file-sharing site run by Anonymous, raising controversy, but also the curiosity of many.
 The site in question, Anonyupload, claims to offer “100% free” and “100% anonymous” file hosting and file-sharing services.

Even though it’s free and anonymous, Anonyupload advises customers not to use only their services for several reasons.

“ is a centralized service, when you upload files, they are stored in our hard drives, at a single location. And this is not good!,” reads the site’s description.

“There are many reasons why this is not good, the first is that some of you store personal information and files on machines which are not belonging to you, and that you do not have any control on.

“The second is that you are always going through the same wires, it means that someone could spy on it, monitors your activities, or decides to cut it off as it happened with”

Users are recommended to use Anonyupload because “it is fun and technically interesting,” but at the same time its owners state that it doesn’t target to be a replacement to Megaupload. The donations they request are allegedly needed to buy disk space and to ensure quality and user safety.

After the news started spreading, many internauts began asking questions on official Anonymous Twitter channels regarding the site’s legitimacy.

“FYI: We have NO affiliation with this site, and by the looks of it, this is a SCAM,” reads a message on YourAnonNews.

AnonymousPress wrote, “Your Questions Answered: Do not know anything about Anonyupload except its existance, no clue who is collecting donations.”

“Anonyupload is fake, was created by some loser who is trying to profit from the idea of Anonymous. Stay tuned,” Anonymous Brazil wrote.

The Dominican and Chilean factions of Anonymous warn supporters to treat the site with maximum suspicion to avoid phishing scams.


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