Anonymous Ruins California Cop’s Life Over Single Dumb Tweet

It doesn't take much to set off the fury of the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Last night a California cop made a tweet suggesting he'd shoot hackers. Now he's been run off Twitter and is under an official investigation.

Richmond Police Department Sgt. Mike Rood became a target after he offered his support on Twitter to UFC President Dana White, who has been engaged in an entertaining feud with Anonymous over his vocal anti-piracy stance.
Last Thursday, Rood tweeted this:
Some Anonymous sympathizers caught wind of this last night, and his tweet was picked up by the popular Twitter account YourAnonnews. Anonymous overwhelmed the Richmond Police Department page with news that one of their cops was talking about shooting people on Twitter, and posted pictures of what appears to be Rood's badge and his truck (Rood used his Twitter handle for his vanity license plate, which is always a bad idea if you think you may become the target of a digital mob in the near future.)
The Richmond Police Department was flooded with complaints and now they're opening an investigation, according to The Mercury News. Think before you tweet: Could this summon thousands of angry nerds to destroy my life?
[Image via gaelx/Flickr and Mike Rood's Twitter]
Source: gawker


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