Anonymous: Corrupt Child Protection Agency Down, as Promised (Exclusive)

After having revealed their support for the protests currently taking place in Romania, hackers part of Anonymous Romania launch an operation against the local government and other organizations they consider to be corrupt.
 Last week they defaced the website of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (DGASPCGR), located in Giurgiu, and threatened to completely remove it from the Internet. They’ve kept their word and completely deleted the site, the only thing remaining being a picture that shows their message to the authorities.

“According to our statistics, once again you failed us by not being able to help children with your corrupt organization and therefore we decided to seal down this site,” reads the message on the site.

We managed to contact the hacktivist collective to find out more about their intentions.

“At the institution in Giurgiu the level of corruption is much higher than in other regions so we decided to start there,” says one of the hackers. “Also, the site is unsecured, proving the lack of professionalism on the part of those who developed it.”

To our surprise, they have already revealed the name of another site suspected of corruption that was defaced as a consequence.

The Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IGIN HH) is accused by the AntiSec hackers of having made suspicious transactions in the past years. As a result, their website was overtaken and tons of valuable information, consisting of their financial situations, passwords, names and other personal data, was published on another site.

“In their database we’ve found a lot of discrepancies in the financial documents from 2008 throughout 2011. Whose money is that? How can three standard operating system licenses cost 2,000 EUR?”

When asked about other targets, the online activists reveal that they plan on taking down the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI), but the date for this operation is currently a secret.

“The government is corrupt and people aren’t aware of all the schemes and other [expletive] they’re doing, besides the ones we already know about,” he continues.

“The world has a right to know all their secrets and the authorities may see them as well, although there’s a lot of corruption among them.”
Source: Softpedia


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