Arrested For Blackmailing A Minor On Internet

On Saturday 12th October,the Cybercrime Unit of Mauritius arrested Nashvick Ramawootar,a 23 year old,unemployed man for threatening a minor girl of publishing compromising photos of her on the internet. Not able to withstand this pressure anymore, the girl attempted to commit suicide.It is through the social network Facebook that Mr Ramawootar has been threatening the minor repeatedly by telling her if she refused to give her money,he would be posting her compromising picture on Facebook.After interrogation,the young man admitted that he had been taking obscene picture of the girl and blackmailed her for money.He also added that he told the girl if she wouldn't give her money,he will be posting these pictures on Facebook.
He has been charged of  "breach of Information and Communication Technologies Authority ( ICTA) " and he is currently in police cell.
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