Four High Profile Mexican Websites Hacked By Brazilian Hackers

Members of Brazilian Cyber Army have been defacing 4 high profile Mexican websites on Saturday.They uploaded the same deface page on each websites.
Message of Deface Page:
"Hacked By Brazilian Cyber Army
We Are: NeoInvasor - _Trish - Unk Coder BCA - Netterz - Lampiao
A child dies of hunger every 10 seconds.
Meanwhile major powers try to see what
the best way to minimize clashes in Syria where
internal and external attacks leave thousands of dead and wounded.
How long will this last?
Fights over religion, greed and power do not take anyone anywhere.
Do not let your folly make more victims, especially children.
Greetz For: Wannabe, CoderzTeam, MSFc0der, Blk Prt, Elias, Jefrey, Black Devils Team, BMPoC Team, Richad, Sombra.. And,, For You.

Websites Defaced:



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