Anonymous Philippines Million Mask March 2013

Anonymous Philippines posted a video on YouTube on the 10th of October.Below is the video posted and the transcript.
"Greetings citizens of the Philippines. We are Anonymous.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is the only easiest way we could convey our message to you,
our dear brothers and sisters who are tired of this cruelty and this false democracy, tired of this government
and the politicians who only think about themselves.
The government, in many ways, has failed its Filipino citizens.
We have been deprived of things which they have promised to give; what our late heroes have promised us to give.
Let us remind the government that fairness, justice and freedom are more than words. They are perspectives.
A march is happening, a revolution. A way to speak, a way to be heard.
On the fifth day of November, 2013, we will try to be a part of the history.
But of course there are those who do not want us to speak, and those who have doubts.
You can sleep, sit, go on with your everyday routine just like a herd of sheep and watch as the government laugh at you.
But if you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and if you would seek as we seek... then we ask you to stand beside us,
this fifth of November outside the gates of Supreme Court and let us march our way to freedom - a freedom from the shackles
of the Government.
You have been called; and by watching, you have been chosen.
To the "incorrupt" officials of the government, we are challenging you!
Join us!
The Corrupt - Fear us.
The Honest - Support us.
The Heroic - Join us.
We are Anonymous.
We are ONE.
The government, you are NONE.
We are legion.
On the 5th of November, Government - Hear and understand us, or EXPECT US!


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