Commercial Bank of Ceylon Hacked

Commercial Bank of Ceylon, Sri-Lanka published a notice stating that they were hacked.

"There was a hacking attack on our website and the Bank took immediate corrective steps. Our systems are fully secure and operational. The hacking attack was also immediately communicated to the relevant authorities. We confirm that no sensitive customer data were lost due to this intrusion. We are taking every measure to protect the privacy of our customers and have engaged external parties to review all our systems to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC is committed to provide safe and reliable systems and is at the forefront of providing secure banking services."

No more details concerning when and how this happened. But recently, according to an article on Bank Info Security, published on May 13, 2016,  it is believed that a hacking group going by the name of Bozkurtlar hacking group posted data of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon online. Researchers said that the dumped files contains the entire content of the corporate website, 158276 files in 22901, which when uncompressed is about 6.97GB.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon Statement: [Click Here!]
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