United Nations Domains and Ministry of Human Rights of Yemen Websites Hacked By Indonesian Hackers

Members of the Indonesian hacking crew, Gantengers Crew, defaced five websites from Yemen.Among these are the websites of the Ministry of Human Rights, United Nations , United Nations Volunteers and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The same defacement page was uploaded on each website with the following message,
"Gantengers Crew | SultanHaikal
Hacked you!
we are
SultanHaikal - d3b~X - Brian Kamikaze - Coupdegrace - Mdn_newbie - Index Php
Hacked Ministry of Human Rights YEMEN , be secure your security get down xD
Greets / sh00ts To
Netter - Hmei7 - Prof.Lang Ling Lung - h4x0r hussy - Dbuzz - All Moeslim

At the time of publishing, all the websites were still defaced. List of all websites defaced and mirrors has been provided in the pastebin document below.
Pastebin Links:[Click Here!]


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