Tata Motors Sub Domain Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Pakistani hacker using the codename of "H4$N4!N H4XOR" has once again defaced a high profile website. Tata Motors, the largest Indian automotive manufacturing company website has fallen victim of the hacker. Sub domain 'connect.tatamotors.com' was defaced and the hacker wrote the following message on the defacement page,
"Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your security. Our fight is not against any individual but the system as a whole. Should you choose to ignore security, it will reincarnate as your worst nightmare!
We just defaced your website to give you a chance to put your hands on it before others come and destroy it. Consider yourselves warned because consequences will follow."

At the time of publishing, the sub-domain website was unavailable, mirror of the defacement has been provided below.



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