#OpSerbia By New Hacker Group

Albania and Kosovo Hackers are planning to attack Serbian cyber space on the independence of  Albania, 28th of November. This was announced through their official Facebook fanpage.This operation was named #OpSerbia.An official video was posted on YouTube in which we can see war crimes being carried out. The hackers behind this operation have named their team as "Pentagon Security Team" and they also set out rules for the members which go as follows:
"Pentagon Rules Security Team
1: Always and always protect the interests of our people.
2: no strikes, against the Albanian pages, except when needed.
3: Do not interfere in the privacy of those who are not from our world (CYBERWORLD.)
4: Do not be blackmailed.
5: Do not attack friendly states pages.
6: Do not be RANDOM deface, deface just Objective.
7: no obscenities, insults, nënqmime, përqarje towards Albanians, even if they do them all.
8: To offer help to him who asks for help.
9: Being a nationalist, and work for your country at any place, time and manner."

Video Posted On their Fanpage:

Rules Set For the Members:


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