Mauritius Launches Online Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal

With the objective of making the cyberspace safer and protecting internet users from online child sexual abuse content, the ICT regulator along with the Internet Watch Foundation(IWF) launched a portal where individuals can report for any child sexual abuse content which they come across.
Once on the portal, any user,either experienced or amateur, can easily report for content they identified. Proper guidelines are given when you choose "WHERE DID YOU FIND IT?" . For all four options,they provided details on how to proceed with the reporting.
A workshop was carried out on the 22nd of October by the ICTA in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and IWF. IWF works to eliminate online child sexual abuse images and videos. In the presence of Honourable Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Mauritius, the ICTA and IWF signed a Memorandum of Understanding.This memorandum sets out the rules for the implementation of the portal. The Online Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal (OCSARP) is hosted at the ICTA and all technical investigations will be carried out by the IWF.
Link to the Online reporting page: [Click Here!]
More can be read from the ICTA website: [Click Here!]


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