Two Miami University Former Students Sentenced For Hacking

Two former students of Miami University were charged for hacking after they pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of property.David Callahan and Beckley Parker, both 22,have used keyloggers to steal usernames and password.In that way,they were able to get access to the university' computer systems and change their own grades and that of other students as well. Beckley om his side,"changed his own grades in 17 classes dating back more than two years, as well as those of 50 other students" whereas Callahan,changed his own grade and those of two other students in order to cover his tracks.This was discovered in October 2012 after a faculty member noticed that the grades were not the same as she entered into the system. The hackers were expelled after being traced.After this,the grades were corrected and further security like e-mail notification to faculty after grade change and scanning of keyboards in computer classroom to detect if keyloggers are present were implemented for the future.
Beckley Parker:
  • sentenced to two years of probation
  • 100 hours of community service
  • $1,500 (€1,100) in fines
David Callahan:
  • sentenced to one year of probation
  • $750 (€560) in fines

Damon Halverson,Callahan’s lawyer, said that his client had no criminal record and was “devastated” by this incident.He added: “He was completely remorseful, completely cooperated. The consequences he suffered were devastating to him and his family.

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