Russian Federal Customs Service Website Defaced by Pakistani Hacker Khan

A Pakistani hacker using the codename of 'Khan' has defaced the Russian Custom's website yesterday. On the defaced page which he uploaded,he added the following message,which was addressed to the External Intelligence Officer, Beliyaninov Andrey, and through this message,he explained his unlawful act.
Message Posted:
"||| OMG! Fedrel Customs Service Russian Got Hacked By Khan From Pakistan ||| Yes Mr.Beliyaninov Andrey External Intelligence Officer You Know Why I Am Here ? ||| Reason Is MOSCOW, July 10 (RIA Novosti) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a ban on wearing Muslim headscarves to school in southern Russia, the RAPSI legal news agency reported. ||| We want freedom for our Religion ... Its Appeal From You Take This Action Back Otherwise we will take an action which will you cant imagine ||| ======= ====== |||"
By the time of publishing,the website was already restored,a mirror of the defacement was made and has been provided below.
Website Defaced:
Mirror: [Click Here!]


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