Nepal Government Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hacker Dr@cul@

After attacking Indian websites some weeks back,Pakistani hacker going by the name of Dr@cul@ has this time hacked Nepali government websites.A total of six websites have been defaced.The same deface page was uploaded on all the websites with the following message:
"Congratulations Admin You Are HacKeD :P
We Hacked You Because some kiddco hackers from your country are countinously attacking our Islamic Sites & Abusing Our Islam On that sites dear mother fucker gay hind bitches stop Abusing Islam & Stop Defacing Bengladeshi & Pakistani Sites Otherwise we will crush Your cyber space i hope you all know about us we Are BD GREY HAT HACKERS we silent but when we start no buddy can stop us already proved check google more about us you n00bs are nothing just a bunch of n00bs this is the final warning to you if you bitches will not stop then all responsibility will be yours Indian cyber devils & some more n00bras teams next time will be no warning by us we will Enter to your cyber space ;)
Proud To be Pakistani & Part of Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers Team
BoX Owned By Dr@cul@ From BD GREY HAT HACKERS
Love To: TiGER-M@TE - Rotating Rotor - Ablaze Ever - c0d3-x-1337 - Krad Xin & All The Crews of BD GREY HAT HACKERS | All Pakistani Hackers | All Muslim Hackers & All Those Who are Fighting For Future Freedom
./Stay In Limits n00bs & Lamers
�Underground Hacker 2010 - 2013
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Departments Websites Hacked:
Government of Nepal Ministry of Agriculture Development Department of Agriculture
Nepal Law Commission - a statutory independent body created by the Nepal Law Commission Act, 2007
Municipality, Nawalparasi
Government of Nepal Ministry Of Forest & Soil Conservation
Department of National Park And Wildlife Conservation

List of All Defaced Websites With Mirrors: [Click Here!]


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