Two Indian Government Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Pakistani hacker going by the name of  Dr@cul@ has defaced two Indian government websites last week,that of the National Rural Employment State Mizoram India and the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission India.The same deface page was uploaded on both government websites on which the following message by the hacker was posted:
"/Stay In Limits Lammers :)
r00t@Dr@cul@:~# Hello Admin Warm Welcome You Are HackeD Because Some Indian kiddco hackers have hacked our Islamic Sites and Abused Our Religion on that sites this is the Last warning to the Gov of India if You want to Stop Further Attacks on Your Cyber Space Then Stop Your Kids Hackers To Abusing Our Islam & Defacing Our Pakistani Sites if we will start our work then indian gov will be Fucked Bijesh Debbarma I told u in warning next time we will be in Gov.In but i think u kid think we are joking we are in My Son More Have To Come Fuck u Son of Bitch Gay Hind Mother Fuckers we are still alive to Fuck you basterds Indian Cyber Devils you are nothing just a bunch of n00bs & lamers you have 0 skills u cant face our power i can fuck whole hinduism Religious sites in just a day but i didnt done that because it will be same Indian madarchot bhag jauo kameno maa chod k rakh dunga tum sbka ijat se bola hai next time maa chod ke phr bolonga
Payback for this:~# & All Those Sites Where u Gay Hind Bitches Abused Our Islam Fuck You Mother Fucker Rundians :P
All Gay Hind Bitches You Know My Name Not My Story ;)

By the time of publishing,the websites were already restored but mirrors has been provided for our readers.
Along with these,several other indian websites were defaced.Jewelry shop websites,Estate agency website,pest control services,etc..The whole list of websites along which mirrors has been provided below.
List of websites defaced: [Click Here!]


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