Pakistan Peshawar High Court Website Penetrated By DarkSnipper

A hacker going by the name of 'DarkSnipper' penetrated the websites of Pakistan Peshawar High Court today and defaced it by uploading a picture and some words which goes as follow:
"[#] : Your system GoT 0wn3d By Darksnipper !
[#] PeshawarHighCourt  ? xD
[#] Where is the security ?
[#] Patch Your Shit
[#] Before Some One else Will Bang it again

[#] Contact:

[#] Greets: Dream .killer | Error Haxor | Soul Inj3ctor | Dr.V!ru$ | Dr.Z0mbie | Soldier of God | x3o-1337 | Wg_Eagle | Error 404 | Tor Deamon | Kashmir Cyber Army | Z Company Hacking Crew | 3xp1r3 Cyber Army | Pakistan Cyber Army"
Contacting us,the hacker stated that this was was done through and sql vulnerability which he discovered.


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