Ransomware Using The Name of Anonymous Hackers Group To Lock Computers

Ransomware has always been using the name of law enforcement body to scare people,but this time, the Anonymous Hackers Group name is being used to make people afraid.Abuse.ch published this on their Tweeter account.
Message On the picture:
"Your computer has been hacked by the Anonymous Hackers Group and locked for the moment. All files have been encrypted. You need to pay a ransom of £100 within 24 hours to restore the computer back to normal.If the ransom is not paid on time all the contents of your computer will be deleted and all your personal information such as your name, address, D.O.B., etc. will be published online, after this has been done the process, ram and motherboard will be fried. Any attempts to remove this virus will result in the consequences mentioned."


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