Anonymous #Op5thOfNovember

YouTube videos since March 2012 has been talking about this operation.On the Facebook page, message in both English and French are being publish, join the revolution.Below you can read what has been publish and also the videos which are on the Facebook Event page.

YouTube videos posted since March 2012 and last one posted on 7th October 2012.
5 November at 18:00 until 21 December at 23:55 in UTC+01
All around the World
Citizens of the World,
Together for the Revolution the 5th of November 2012
The oppression of our governments take us all to the revolution ! No more lies react !
One day people will take the power, and that day will be the 5th of November 2012 !
All united for the same cause is a duty !
Citizens of the world it's time for the event !
We are legion !
We need all of you !!! Join us !!!
Invite at least 500 peoples, spread the word on cyberspace and at work/school. Your government has failed.


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