Anonymous: #OpIsrael Ceasefire

 A new video was posted on YouTube on the the 23the of November titled as "Anonymous: #OpIsrael Ceasefire". The video talks about the attacks on neighborhood by Israel.Below is the transcript of what is said in the video.
"Greeting citizens of the World. This is a message from Anonymous. It is with great sadness that we see Israel attack its neighboring countries without regard for the lives of women and children. Death tolls are approximate with over 160 Gaza fatalities. In response, Anonymous declared cyber war on Israeli Cyberspace yet again, with much success. Thousands of sites have been hacked, Defaced, Leaked, Injected, RFI'd and DNS Terminated on thousands of servers of the Israeli web. Over 60 million attacks were performed from all over the world from all corners of Anonymous in one week. It is in this time that we all work together for one cause so that the World knows what we are capable of. We do what we can to help those that are in need. Disabling Israeli websites, government communications and other web-based Israeli venues is our way of assisting the people in Gaza. No one can really know the pain of the Gaza people unless they are there.

But it is our ideology to help those in need, regardless of whether or not we physically know them.

Anonymous does not take lightly the violations of human rights that Israel displays on a regular basis. However, our politics in cyber space may differ from the politics of the physical world. A ceasefire has been enacted between Israel and Gaza with the hopes that lives can be saved. However, Anonymous is not under the jurisdiction of Israel, the U.S. or any other Zionist entity. Operations have been ongoing before this conflict and operation Israel will continue along with all related operations. It is the wish of Anonymous that all crimes against humanity cease and desist. Until that time comes, we will be active in our fight against oppression. Thank you to all teams, crews, groups and individuals that have made this a successful operation and we will continue our path as it has been set before us.

WHEREVER there are crimes against humanity, we will be there.
WHENEVER the people cry for help, we shall respond.
HOWEVER we must act upon our enemies, we will be vigilant.
It is what we are good at.
It is what we are here for.

We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Oppressors and dictators of the World, expect us.

The Video:


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