Anonymous Hacker On Trial Over Paypal Attacks

A 22 year old British student,Christopher Weatherhead, is accused of participating in an attack by Anonymous on PayPal.Christopher was a student of Northampton University when he took part in this operation.This attack took place because PayPal refused to process payment to WikiLeaks due to internet piracy.
Christopher denies the charge of conspiracy and pleaded not guilty to this operation which took place between the 1 August 2010 to the 22 January 2011.The prosecutor said that this attack had cost PayPal £3.5 million loss.The prosecutor,Mr Sandip Patel also said that the attack had the codename of 'Operation Payback' and was started against music industries.He added that the distributed denial of service(DDOS) was used, which flooded the victim computers with online request and the computers would crash.Users would then be redirected to another page where the following message would be displayed "You've tried to bite the Anonymous hand. You angered the hive and now you are being stung."


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