LOL Trick,Beware of the Skype Worm

NakedSecurity published about a worm spreading via Skype Instant messaging.This worm infects Windows computers.The worm will pop up as a message stating about a new profile picture of yours.It will appear as below:

lol is this your new profile pic?[REDACTED]?img=[USERNAME]
Once a user click on the link provided,it leads to a zip file for downloading called ''
The zip file contains an executable file detected as Troj/Agent-YCW or Troj/Agent-YDC by Sophos anti-virus.This trojan opens a backdoor on the computer where it has been executed and allow the hacker to have control on the computer via HTTP.
Skype users are less in contact with such worms and thus can easily believe in this fake 'profile picture' thing.
Dear readers,be alert.Don't just click on any link or download anything you don't 100% trust.


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