Finance Department Batagram Website Penetrated by Indian Silent Hacker

Indian Hacker known as 'Silent Hacker' has penetrated the  Finance Department Batagram website and has uploaded one of his defacement on which we can clearly see an image on which it is written ' Team Indishell'. Below this image,a message was posted.
Message Posted On Website:
"Message to Porkies Lamers Just Back Off from Indian Cyber Space

We have seen many kids like You Just defacing D grade sites Bunch of noobs
What u think! You are only one here In this cyber space :P
This is just the beginning we will destroy your cyber space Which is already destroyed
And Special FucK Goes to Lamers of Pakistan Cyber Pigs ( PCP )..... and Mahesh Haxor aka Chutiya Lamer and Abdul Basit ( Shell Beggar )
We ar3 :- Ash3ll , Decod3r , Atul , Cyb3r.Pr3dat0r Godzilla , Code Breaker , X Parameter , Inf Ninja , SileNt Hax0R , Error 1046 , Dark Wolf , Neo ..
Greetz to :- Yash Bhaiya , Jaguar Hacker Nyro Hacker , Web Ruler , Xtremee Killar LoveTheRisk India , Hacker_m329 , DarkSpirit Negative and Mayanmar Hackers


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