Beware of Halifax Bank Phishing Scam: Upward Review of Credit Limit

Phishing is one old technique from which hackers retrieve personal information of targeted individual. Many online services related to 'online money transaction' keeps warning their customers about phishing, to prevent them from being trapped. A new scam has been reported by Millersmiles on the 26th of September relating to online banking.It was titled : Urgent Notification (Protect Your online Banking)

It was apparently sent by Hlifax Bank and the email asks you to confirm/update/verify your account data at Halifax Bank by visiting the given link. You will be taken to a spoof website where your details will be captured for the phishers.
The mail goes as :

During our regular update and verification of the Halifax Bank Service, we found out your account is due for an upward review of credit limit. This might be due to one of the following reasons:

1. Accessing of your account from a different device
2. Making unverified transactions from an unknown ip address
3. A recent change in your personal information. (eg: billing address, phone)

A click-able link was provided which redirects the victims to a webpage identical to the original website where users had to enter their personal information which was recorded by the hackers.

So,dear readers,don't get fool by such stuff. Do not provide personal information like password to untrusted emails or website which you are being sent.This is the best way for unethical hackers to get access to your account and steal money from you!


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