Prison Management Firm GEO Group Hacked by Anonymous

The breach that affected the Dayton Ohio Chapter of InfraGuard wasn’t the only hack part of the Friday’s operation against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Anonymous also hacked and defaced the official website of GEO Group, a company that provides correctional and detention management to government agencies worldwide.

 RT informs that GEO Group’s site,, was defaced for some time yesterday, the hacktivists posting a protest message against the organization that raised a lot of controversy lately.

“While most folks are suffering under the economy, many billions of dollars are being funneled into this sinister conniving alliance of capitalist and statist forces to try to build dozens upon dozens of new prisons across the world,” the hackers wrote.

Anonymous is displeased with the fact that the firm had a revenue of more than $1 billion (700 million EUR) in 2010, yet a number of prisoners died within the walls of facilities operated by the group.

“Despite the well documented history of corruption, scandal and atrocities that companies like GEO perpetuate each and every minute our friends are locked behind their prison walls, the private prison industry is still booming,” Anonymous added.

The defaced page also displayed an image of Mumia Abu-jamal, a prisoner who spent 30 year in jail, even though many demanded his release. A song dedicated to Mumia was also posted on the defaced site.

“We do not give any legitimacy or credibility to a justice system that look after their own prosecutors and pigs who get away with brutality and corruption, while they routinely murder innocent people on death row and locks up immigrants they deem ‘illegal’ while profiting by forcing them to labor for far less than minimum wage.”

Currently, GEO Group’s site is back online, but presents difficulties in displaying certain elements, which may indicate that its administrators are still resolving the damages caused by the hackers.


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