Anonymous Could “Cook” President Obama in the White House

An apparently plausible theory claims that, if hackers manage to overtake the systems from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), they could redirect the electrically charged beam of radio waves towards the White House, causing massive damage.

 Anonymous hacktivist recently proved that they have no trouble penetrating the defenses of some major sites and some US government organizations even raised concerns regarding the hackers’ ability to affect the nation’s critical infrastructure.
It’s already known that hackers managed to gain access to railway systems and even prison doors could be in theory controlled remotely by an attacker. Not to mention the SCADA systems that recently proved to be highly insecure.

According to a theory provided by Consternation Security, Anonymous or other capable hackers could overtake the controls of the antenna array located at the HAARP facility in Alaska and redirect the 300 million watts of power it emits in any direction, including the White House.

HubPages informs that the military even has the ability to boost the power output to 100 billion watts. Officially, the project funded by the US Air Force and the Navy is designed only for peaceful research, but many have raised concerns about the beam’s real purpose, considering that the military owns the installation.

On one hand, Anonymous already argued that their hacktivist nature is against causing mass destructions and why they wouldn’t even attack the power grid as the National Security Agency (NSA) claimed last week in a report obtained by WSJ.

However, the worrying fact is that there are other hackers, some of which are far more skilled than the members of Anonymous.

In reality, the general public is informed only of hacking operations that aren’t nearly as significant as those that could occur in theory. We may never know precisely what governments worldwide have to defend their infrastructures from each day.


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