#Op Bangla - Bangladesh Cyber Space Under Attack By Indian Hackers

Just after the official declaration of cyber war against Bangladesh by Ashell, all Indian hackers have joined together to attack Bangladesh Cyber Space..Many websites have already been defaced by Indian Hackers to show the love to their country.Bangladeshi Hackers have been defacing Indian Websites for a long time even after many friendly request to stop from all Indian Hackers Teams.This left Ashell with no other choice than breaking his promise he made with Bangladesh.

but my promise is not more than my nation
To bangladesh :
Have guts Save ur shit from Team Indish3ll
here we come
after destroyng pakistan next target Bangladesh

Some Bangladeshi Websites (listed below)  have already been defaced by the time we are writting this..
Message Posted On Each Website Hacked:
~ ~ Indishell ~ ~
Lucky , Aasim , Irfninja , Atul , Striker , Zoozoo , Cool Toad , Ethicalnoob , Ashell , DarkW@lf , Aneesh , Decoder , Cyberra , Manish , Sen , Neo , Hero , Ffe~Prince

...... Uhhhh Cyber Crime Reported ......

Bangladesh Under Indishell Attack ... U guys left no other option

here we come .... Destroyed
We r not the Hxors nor the Destroyers
We are The shells protecting our Indian Cyber Space

.........Destroyed By Ash3ll .........

Sen Indishell and Zero Cool also joined in by defacing Bangladeshi Website


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