Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Bangladesh Website Hacked By Members of Indishell

Sen Indishell and Zero Cool hacked Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Bangladesh Website..
Assoiation of Pediatric Surgeons of Bangladesh Fucked up Like a Cheap Bitch

Sen Indishell and Zer0 Cool WAS HERE !

WTF..:P..Ur site got hacked By INDISHELL T3am :D

Sorry Yet Your Site Hacked. Meanwhile my place is

Bangladesh Mother Fuckers Talk a Lot Fuck this up noW

AsseZ will Be PawnEd If u Fuck up With India

Special Greetz to Striker India

' Was In Response of Shit Talk by Bangla MFO's .. We are : Ashell , IRfninja ,-[SiLeNtp0is0n]- , stRaNgEr , inX_rOot , NEO H4cK3R ,Dhruvdutt , DarkL00k , G00g!3 W@rr!0r , Dark Wolf , co0Lt04d , ATUL DWIVEDI , Jackh4xor , Th3 RDX , lioneesh

( Current Active Crew: Irfninja , Ashell, godzilla volcanum ,sksking ,ZooZoo , Web Defacer , H3ro , reborn hexor and Others)
.J4I HinD


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