London Olympics Security Breached by Fake Bomb

Wanting to make sure that the upcoming London Olympics is an incident-free event, the Metropolitan Police performed a security test to see if they can manage to smuggle a bomb to the main site and apparently they succeeded.

 It seems as the organizers have a lot of things to set straight before the big event after a dummy device made it past security staff at the Olympic Park in Stratford, Mirror reports.

“Testing is standard practice in all major security operations. Such tests have a key role in developing our capability to ensure that London 2012 is safe and secure and that we are best prepared to detect potential threats before and during the Games,” an Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) spokesperson said.

“Members of the public with tickets should be reassured that such exercises are being staged to ensure their safety, our number one priority.”

Around 13,000 members of the military will provide venue security and provide assistance to the police and other authorities involved in the event, totaling 23,700 individuals.

Recently officials released a special notification to advise the attendants to the Olympics to be on the lookout for Internet scams that may offer great deals on accommodations.

The Metropolitan Police’s e-crime Unit has also been busy, taking down shady websites that commercialize counterfeit goods and other services that target individuals who plan on attending the event.

Panda Security experts even made some predictions to state that most surely Internet scams related to the London Olympics will record a considerable increase.

Of course, while the online threats could leave a dent in the pockets of unsuspecting users, there are also physical threats that have to be taken very seriously.

Because such a major event can always represent a good opportunity for cleverly planned terrorist attacks, these tests are of major importance and it’s much better to find the security holes now than later, when it may already be too late.
Source: Softpedia


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