Anonymous Accused of Sending Bomb Threats to Finnish Anti-Piracy Firm

Finland’s Copyright, Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC), the organization whose website was taken down the other day by Anonymous Finland for ordering one of the country’s largest ISPs Elisa to block its account holders from accessing The Pirate Bay (TPB), claims they received a bomb threat from Anonymous hacktivists.
 YLE reports that CIAPC received an email from Anonymous in which the hackers threatened to place a bomb in their offices this week.

After asking the police to investigate the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that forced them to take down their website, now the authorities were called to look into this, much more serious, bomb threat.

Upon hearing the news, Anonymous Finland immediately responded to deny they have any implications, stating that they don’t condone with the use of physical violence.

“Anonymous doesn't condone the use of physical violence,” the hackers state.

“We deny to have sent a bomb email threat to CIAPC. We demand YLE to report this statement today & asap: don't [expletive] us off.”

Of course, if they didn’t send the bomb threat, it doesn’t mean that their protest against Finland’s anti-piracy outfits ends here.

Online activists say that if IFPI obtains an order that forces TeliaSonera and DNA to block TPB the way Elisa does they’ll “tear it down.”

“IFPI, We ain't kiddin. We've the means & all the time of the world to wipe You out. U'll bankrupt to fix the mess We'll cause You,” the hacker wrote in a tweet a few hours ago.

Currently, the websites of both IFPI and CIAPC are still offline after a second DDoS attack launched 16 hours ago and, to make things worse, the hacktivists even published IFPI Deputy Director’s personal phone number.

“TANGO DOWN (again) & | There's nothing better than hitting the enemy w/his same means.”
Source: Softpedia


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