Cybersecurity Seminar by BDO IT Consulting Ltd

There are only two types of company: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.

From anywhere and at any time, hackers can launch a cyber-attack on your organisation. Taking this into consideration, BDO IT Consulting Ltd is organising a full day cybersecurity seminar where, ideas, trends, technology and knowledge will be shared to keep you one step ahead of these attacks.
The key topics which will be discussed in the first session are:
•    Hacking Humans
•    In and Out: Strategies for Preventing, Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Risk
•    Building Cyber Capacity: Market Opportunities and Challenges
•    Bridging the gap between prevention and incident response
And the second session will be a three hours of live attack, where an expert ethical hacker from BDO South Africa Forensic and Cyber Lab will guide the audience through hacking methodologies.

For more details and to register [Click Here!]


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