A Former Executive Suspected of Hacking the National Transport Authority (NTA) Database

A former top executive of the National Transport Authority (NTA) is suspected of hacking the database of the NTA. It is believed that the former employee was helped by insiders.

A source at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure told le Defi Media Newspaper:
"The police and the Cybercrime Unit are investigating to determine who are the people who could benefit from this hacking,". The same source also added that the accomplices of the former NTA executive will face sanctions and very soon the investigation will reveal the impact of the hack.

To mention, this hacking case was first revealed by the minister of Public infrastructure himself, Mr Nando Bodha, at the opening ceremony of a workshop on cybercrime, at the Westin Hotel, Balaclava, Monday, March 21 2016. He also mentioned that the alleged hacker was getting access to the database from his home (remotely), he modified the database and also made a copy of it.



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