Mauritian Linux Expert Ish Sookun Arrested

Ish Sookun, the young Mauritian Linux enthusiast has been arrested by the CCID of Mauritius on Saturday evening 23rd January 2016 in relation to an anonymous e-mail on terrorist threats sent to the Prime Minister’s Office. 20 police officers landed at his place around 16.45. During this operation, two laptops, one computer, some drives and a USB stick were seized. The police suspects that the e-mail comes from an Internet café operated by Mr Sookun situated at Curepipe. Mr Kishan Sooklall, the business partner who was operating the cyber cafe has also been arrested.

Both Mr Sookun and his business partner have been presented before the Bail and Remand Court Sunday 24th 2016 and were refused bail. They have been provisionally charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and will appear before the Curepipe Court tomorrow. Social workers, Dr Maharajah Madhewoo ,Eddy Sadien and many other member of the No to Biometric ID Card platform along with Mr Sookun's family were present at the Court. Ish retained the service of Mr Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Mr Eriksson Moneeapillay.

Source: Local News


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