Underwear Thief Used Social Media Location Data To Find Victim's Home

Arturo Galvan, a 44 year old man from Los Angeles, has been using social media websites Instagram to find out where his victims lived, to steal their computer, iPads, panties and bras.

Galvan identified his victims by hanging out on public gathering places in Fullerton and Orange and searched for social media posts where people 'checked in'. He then allegedly searched through the victim's posted pictures through GPS data attached to the digital images and mapped them to find out where they live.

At his place, a garage-full of stolen items consisting of bras, panties and electronic devices were found. He was arrested last week and faces charges of burglary, receiving stolen property, and peeping and prowling. Galvan was released from jail Saturday after posting bail of $200,000.

Readers, do check your social media accounts and apps settings for your privacy.

Read More: [Fullerton Police]


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