Crashing WhatsApp By sending A Huge Amount of Emojis

Security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan has discovered another issue in WhatsApp messenger. The first bug was discovered last year where he discovered that by sending text messages of few thousands work, WhatsApp would crash on desktop and Android version whereas on iOS it would freeze for a short time. This bug was later patched by WhatsApp.

This time Mr Bhuyan discovered a flaw which can be used to crash WhatsApp mobile app and whastapp Web ( which is the PC version of the same ).
According to Mr Bhuyan, WhatsApp web allows 65500-6600 characters and after typing around 4200-4400 smiley, the browser starts to slow down. Since the limit of characters allowed is not reached, the attacker can continue inserting. When a user receives the message, it will overflows the buffer and crashes WhatsApp.



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