Eruption Studio Mauritius Website Defacement Controversy

Recently, L' newspaper published about five Mauritian websites which were defaced. Among these, L'express newspaper listed website. Yesterday, 08/06/2015, the management of Eruption Studio published an announcement on their official Facebook fan page,as well as on their official website, stating that their website was never defaced.

We would like to add that, actually, two sub-domains of Eruption Studio's website were in fact defaced. The sub-domains are not accessible anymore but a mirror of how one of the webpage looked at the time of defacement has been provided. It was defaced on 2015-04-24 at 14:43:30.

Our friend, Ish Sookun, the linux expert, first published about the defacement of the Eruption Studio on his personal blog,where he provided a screenshot of at the time of defacement. After conduction a further search, we came across the other sub-domain defaced,which is

L'express Newspaper Article [Click Here!]

Sub-Domains Defaced:
Mirror of Sub-Domain Defaced:



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