New Android Trojan Wipes Data and Blocks Communication

Security Researchers from Dr.WEB discovered a new android malware posing as Angry Bird Transformers. It has been categorised as a "vandal programs" as researchers has not find any code which indicates that the creators of the malware will have any financial benefits from it.
These types of malicious programs are rare nowadays and are done only to show the programming skills or to make mischief. Dr.Web added the malware to its database under the name of Android.Elite.1.origin.
Once this malware is granted permission, it starts formatting the SD card. The malware also blocks access to popular messengers like whatsapp messenger, hangouts or standard SMS application by displaying a message "OBEY or Be HACKED".
Adding to these, the Trojan also sends a text message to all contacts on the device which goes as follows,
"HEY!!! [contact_name] Elite has hacked you. Obey or be hacked.
A similar text is sent as a reply to all incoming SMS from valid mobile phone numbers:
Elite has hacked you.Obey or be hacked."

We advise our readers to be cautious and to install application from trusted developers only.

Source: [Dr.WEB News]


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