Dropbox Blames Third Party Services For Credentials Leaked

A series of dropbox credentials are being posted on pastebin and Reddit since Monday. These documents consist of user email addresses and passwords in plain text. In each of these pastebin documents, the hacker has been writing a message stating that there is around 6,937,081 accounts which has been hacked and has given a bitcoin account number so that people donates for the hacker to release more. The message goes as follows,
"Dropbox Hack Second Teaser.
As promised here is another batch of Hacked Dropbox accounts from close to 7 million total hacked accounts.
We will keep releasing more to the public as donations come in, show your support.
Send bitcoin donations to 1Fw7QqUgzbns7yWHH32UnmMxmMMwu6MC6h
Enjoy! More to come. As previously, all Dropbox logins are in the same format, login:Password"

Dropbox through a blog post stated that they were not hacked. They added that the usernames and passwords were stolen from unrelated services and attackers are using these credential to try to log into dropbox accounts. Dropbox is advising its users to enable the 2 step verification in their account.

Source:[Dropbox Blog]


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