13 year old China Youngest Hacker Wants to Be a White Hat

Wang Zhengyang, only 13 and is known in his country as the youngest hacker.He has been attracting the press during the China Internet Security Conference which took place from the 24th to 25th September.
Wang who is a student from a junior high school affiliated with Tsinghua University in Beijing said that he would like to be known as an ethical hacker or a white hat. He stated that he hacked his school website to avoid submitting homework. He also hacked an online store, after he discovering a flaw, to alter the price of an item from 2500 Yuan to 1 Yuan. Wang stated that he did notify the store about the vulnerability and has not purchased the item.
Earlier this year in April, he contacted a software company in Beijing to report about vulnerabilities he discovered which could affect over 100 educational institutions in the country.

Wang said:
"I think those who hack all day for profit are immoral,".."It is interesting to look for website security risks and I am overwhelmed with joy when I find one. But I will not use my talent for something illegal."

He added,
"By attending the conference, I want the other to notice me and know that someone my age could work on internet security,"

Source:[Want China Times]


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