McDonalds Indonesia Website Sub-Domains Hacked By Bangladeshi Hacker

Bangladeshi hacker who is a member of the Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers and using the codename of Ablaze Ever defaced two sub domain of the official website of McDonald Indonesia. The same defacement page was uploaded on each sub-domain on which the following message was written,

"Hacked by Ablaze Ever
McDonald's Indonesia has been Hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers
Our message to all stinky Israelis: You were born to go to Hell, you keep attacking our brothers and sisters,We keep attacking on your cyberspace. Last but not Least, "Allahu Akbar"
Gretz To: BD Xtor - Rotating Rotor - Cr4Ck Br41N - Murkho Manob - Ly Ly - Core Tuner - Chy - Dark Fox - Red Core - Sharif - Bokamanus - Asotha - Pakhi - Doremon - Fakessh - Salim - Himel - Dracula And All Muslim Hackers

At the time of publishing, both webpage were unavailable.Mirror of how they looked at the time of defacement has been provided below. Along with this, a series of other websites were defaced by another Bangladeshi hacker of the same hacking group.The list has been provided below.

Sub-domains Defaced:


List of all other websites defaced:


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